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(in progress)
the TUrkish illusionist

walk around the office of the the Prime Minister.
walk everyday.
each day, something disappears.
there is a disappearing act.
one day,
the bus stop disap
these photos are the remaining parts at a certain period of time in 2010.
now you should walk again.
see what more has disappeared.

what is left?
the first three photographs are important in terms of what gets left out.
what stays.
this pot-like structure holding the trees.
what is there?
i go back to it many times.

this post is not to forget about this.
there are more photos of the disappearing act.
what is interesting is what you don't see.
not what you see.

obi-wan kenobi: but master YOda says i should be mindful of the future.
qui-gon jinn: but not at the expense of the moment. be mindful of the the living force, my young Padawan.

star wars episode I (1999, D: george lucas)