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the owner of the dog pulls off the dog's mouth piece so that she looks beautiful in the photo
i like that.
as i am thinking if it is all right to take a photo of the dog, he lets her pose for me.
the owner of the dog, the man, is writing black on black
he writes with black pen on blackish part of the newspaper.

the elderly couple exchange a few words with him.
and the elderly women gets out of the tram
saying in amazement: "10 kindern"; "mutter"...
ein hund:mutter with "zehn kindern": i take a photo of the dog; she looks old;
tits are sagging due to milking the babies

and on another ride, can't take my eyes off the red flowers.
the metro leaves as i continue staring.

"For there’s a limit to gazing.
And the gazed-at world
Wants to blossom in love."
-rilke - turn of the road