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the hazelnut connection:
i leave the ghost-buster style excellent apartment building. (this is where a friend from Turkey had just moved into together with her sweetest child)

as i approach the huge door of the apartment building to get out, i hear the sound of rain. As i open the door onto the street, i see no rain. The sound is originated from a fountain nearby. I walk to the fountain like a sleep-walker. On the wall surrounding the little park around the fpuntain, i see an alien form. which proves to be familiar fter all.

A hazelnut. Precisely, the TUrkish hazelnut. I search on the net. It is botanically called the TUrkish hazlnut. It stands by my bedside now; a company to my dreams.

Everytime i take it in my hands, i hear the sound of "rain without rain" - and see the image of a fountain at night. (And imagine little alien spacecrafts loking for spots in Vienna to land - just to take off again.)

It is some tasty hazelnuts, in the end. "FINDIK"; i call it "findux"; the findux connection between TUrkey and Vienna.